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Bottled Water Coolers

Old bottled watercoolers consume a lot more electricity than you might think. The hole on the top for the garrafon is like leaving your fridge door open 24 hours per day.

Bottled water companies use a lot of oil to make plastic bottles and then to transport them backwards and forwards from their factories to your offices.

All that electricity consumed by the old bottled watercoolers you use and the oil consumed making and delivering bottles creates a lot of carbon dioxide emissions harming the world we live in.

All the millions of bottles used providing bottled water have to go somewhere when they are finished with. Most end up in landfill sites, scarring our countryside.

Conceptos Efectivos

Our equipment is completely sealed and insulated meaning that we consume a lot less of your electricity. Our equipment consumes less electricity than a light bulb!

We don’t use any oil making plastic bottles or delivering water to you because we purify your water where you drink it, when you need it with the most advanced water purifying technology currently available in the world.

By using our service you will considerably reduce your companies carbon emissions. In fact our carbon emission reductions are the equivalent of planting thousands of trees every year.

With our service we have no need for landfill sites, leaving the countryside to be enjoyed instead of destroyed.