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Conceptos Efectivos SRL de CV is proud to be a company whose service helps our clients improve the environment by reducing carbon emissions and landfill waste.
We also help worthy organisations such as La Divina Providencia.
After internal discussions with all our staff we have all agreed that we should make a commitment to enshrine social responsibility into the ethos and culture of our company and to do more to try and help the local community where we live and work and to encourage others to practice social responsibility.
We recognize ISO 26000 as a reference document that provides guidance on social responsibility. We have used ISO 26000 as a guide to integrate social responsibility into our values and practices.
Whilst striving to encompass all aspects of social responsibility into our core values and practices we have also made specific commitments for 2012 and through this web page promise to regularly update (at least quarterly) all interested stakeholders and observers of our progress throughout 2012.
Our 2013 Commitments:
Engage with clients and suppliers to discuss our social responsibility initiative and look for common goals
Make the environmental benefits of our service the prominent message of our educational literature
Make regular self-assessments that involve all staff to ensure that we fully integrate social responsibility into our core values and practices
Organize a community day with La Divina Providencia and work with the local business chamber to create a template for community days that others can use
Regularly communicate our progress to all stakeholders and observers through this web page
Start a project that will help disadvantaged but motivated young people achieve higher education and social advancement
Conceptos Efectivos SRL de CV recognizes ISO 26000 and its national equivalent standards as reference documents that provide guidance on social responsibility.
Find out more about ISO 26000 by visiting the ISO website here - www.iso.org
If you are interested in using ISO 26000 to help your organisation then you may find this website helpful - www.26k-estimation.com
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A letter of commitment from our Managing Director
Carta ISO 26000 Ene12.pdf
2012 Review
Revisión 2012.pdf