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Strong and durable with a classic design incorporating UV & a choice of Multi-Filtration or Reverse Osmosis water purifying technologies.

WL Chiller

High volume water purifying system ideal for factories and restaurants incorporating UV & Reverse Osmosis water purifying technologies.

POE 300

Modern design with a large dispensing area incorporating UV & Reverse Osmosis water purifying technologies.


Switching to one of our water purifying solutions is simple because we will do all the work for you and you won’t need to invest a single peso into the project. We make the installations and provide all of the equipment you need for one fixed monthly price that will never change. We also look after the equipment and scheduled filter changes are also included in your plan.
The benefits of switching to one of our plans are many, most importantly the quality of the water is better because it’s made fresh when you need it and is stored in sealed systems.
Secondly our systems consume significantly less electricity than your old bottled water cooler potentially saving you thousands of
pesos per year and helping the environment by reducing your CO2 emissions.
Thirdly you will also be helping the environment by helping to reduce gasoline consumption & CO2 emissions from the  transportation of full and empty bottles between the factory and your premises as well as significantly reducing waste in land fill sites caused by plastic water bottles.
Fourthly it’s just easier! Nobody needs to remember to order bottles, no one needs to count the empty bottles and find places to store all the bottles and you don’t need to find someone that can lift heavy bottles onto your watercooler when you run out of water.

Schools, Hotels, Shops, Doctors, Gyms, Lawyers, Banks, Government, Telecommunications, Factories, Utilities, Restaurants, Dealerships, Call Centers

We can help whoever you are: Chiller POE300 Horizon